Video Conferencing Services

Medical Specialties
Videos and other media materials are available on this page for staff both inside and outside of DHMC. 

Imperative:  Disruptive Behavior Education and Awareness Conversations.  Mandatory for 1 and 3 East Staff

Back Brace Application for 1-East Staff

Blood Component Administration 2008

Common Antibiotic Issues

Cystic Fibrosis

Delerium - Nursing Identification of Delerium

Infection Control

IV Therapy, Care and Maintenance
Brendan Hickey, RN, CRNI

Management of Heart Failure and Nursing Interventions

Mealtime Companions

Peritoneal Dialysis: Stay Safe Equipment

Renal Insufficiency/Renal Failure
Veronica Daley

Train the Trainer PCA Pump

Trach Care and Suctioning
Joyce Truman

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