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Nursing Education Videos Portal  
     This page serves as a general launching point for finding and accessing various video and lectures available to the nursing staff at DHMC. It does not contain all of the videos available. Some may be only available from specific nursing departments of programs.

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Nursing Grand Rounds

Geriatric Education Center Lectures (Produced AFTER September 2011)
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Other DHMC Nursing Video links

2West Inservice Videos

3West Inservice Videos

4West Inservice Videos

ambIT Infusion Pump Demonstration Video (Intranet Only)

Braden Scale for Predicting Pressure Sore Risk

Cardiovascular Critical Care

Cardiovascular Nursing

Central Line Dressing  (Intranet Only)

CHaD Nursing

Clinical Genetics

Critical Care

Emergency Department

Evidence Based Practice and Research

Glucagon Administration (Intranet Only)

Journal Conference (TDI Journal Conference)


ICU     (ICU Videos) (Intranet Only)

Medical Specialties

Medication Labeling: Operating Room, Anesthesia and Procedural Areas (Intranet Only)

Nursing Grand Rounds

Nursing Research Academy

Pressure Ulcers (Intranet Only)


RNC Review Course (Intranet Only)

Part 1:  CostaVac CBC-II Overview (Intranet Only)
Part 2:  CostaVac CBC-II Troubleshooting (Intranet Only)

Traveling Nurse Videos

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DHMC Medical Professional Podcasts

Public Videos