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Aging Resource Center Videos

Anticoagulation In-Service (Intranet only)

Aids Seminar

Bird Lecture SeriesToward a More Participatory Model of Care through Mindfulness: Realizing the Vision of the 1979 Surgeon General's Report - Healthy People

Birthing Pavilion

Brain Tumor Imaging

Care Connect

Cancer Center Grand Rounds

Clinical Echocardiography 2014

Cardiology Grand Rounds

Cardiovascular Critical Care

Cardiovascular Nursing

Center for Primary Care and Population Health Grand Rounds

Continuing Medical Education Department Videos

Clinical Genetics

Dartmouth Institute- ACE

DHMC Medical Podcasts 

DHMC Public Podcasts

DH Virtual Conference Rooms

Emergency Medicine

Engineering In-Service Intranet Only


Good Beginnings

Health Improvement Program

Helmut Schumann Lectures



ICU/ Hill-Rom Learning Modules

Informatics Grand Rounds


Leadership Engagement

Laryngectomy Surgery-What to Expect

Leadership Development Institute (Intranet Only)

Library Grand Rounds

Medical Grand Rounds

Managing Medical Emergencies 2013

AIM AT Melanoma Patient and Caregiver Symposium

Neurology Grand Rounds

Noon House Staff Lectures

Norris Cotton Cancer Center Grand Rounds

Nursing Education Videos

Nursing Grand Rounds 

Nursing Research Academy

OR In-Service Intranet Only

Orthopaedic Grand Rounds

Parkinson's Lectures

Patient Safety Forums Intranet Only

Pediatric Grand Rounds Web and Podcast only (click here for podcasts)


Principal Investigator Grand Rounds

Primary Care Grand Rounds

Psychiatry - What's New In Psychiatry?

Regional Program for Womenís and Childrenís Health

Safety and Training

Schumann Lectures Public Lectures

Schumann Lectures Intranet Only

School Health Symposium

Shared Resources Intranet Only

Sports Medicine

Substance Abuse Pedi

Surgery Grand Rounds

Teen Mental Health Webinars

Telehealth Grand Rounds

Town Meeting Intranet Only

Value Grand Rounds Intranet Only

WebEx Classes

Wellness Program  Intranet Only

Writing the Biomedical Manuscript

Writing The New NIH Research Grant

2 West Education (Intranet Only)

3-West Education

4-West Nursing Education (Intranet Only)